Succulent Care

I found this great article about caring for succulents. It’s quite a read, here are the highlights:

1. Water succulents 1x per week, or when soil is dry. Harsh sunlight = bad.

2. Fertilize plants during the summer. (winter is down time for plants most growth happens during summer months with the most sun)

3. Be careful of tap water. Mineral build up can hurt plants. The fix is to repot them and change the soil.

4. If you are making a terrarium of succulents or a glass container with no bottom, you’ll want to layer your soil.


I also use the JuicyKits fertilizer. I keep a diluted version in this neat blue bottle and then pour a bit of it into the spray bottle to spray my plants.
This fertilizer also contains a pest control which actually works. One of my succulents came with mealy bugs and it solved the problem.



I bought this great toolkit from JuicyKits, here are some of the tools. (check the link for the full set.)

The straw helps to blow the dirt off your succulents without touching them. Certain types can be harmed by handling them directly.

The tweezers are useful for plucking out dead leaves without damaging the plant.

The odd spoon thing is for scooping soil and padding down soil. It helps for planting a terrarium.